The metamorphosis was rapid
I should be playing with dolls
Before me laid a crying child
Needless to say I was clueless
So we both wept

I never had a chance to know my body
My innocence he stripped voraciously
No,was never an option
A slave in a modern world
I ought to have moaned instead I cried

I dare not talk,an outcast
Smile a luxury
A lifeless body,no glow therein
Smelly and dusty
Another piece of furniture

Its her turn to go from me
They thought I wept for joy
If only they knew
Who shall save from this plague


Lagos Baby

My name na “timo”.
Na my sixth month for “obodo” Lagos be dis.
Lagos girl!…chai! dem be … (Claps hand and shakes head).
Na so she go dey turn head like “tolotolo”(turkey).
She go paint face like the “igunnuko masquerade”.
The “chain” wey dey neck, choi! … Neck no dey pain am?
The one wey God blessing “boku” (plenty) for the chest go dey celebrate “hin” testimony “sote” my eyes wan waka comot and something dey “totori” my bodi.
The wan wey be “agbalumo” sef no talk say she no dey.
Cloth be dey bite them for bodi.
I no know the difference between skirt and underskirt sef.
I bin see some laps…”Oghene biko”…(Puts hands on head,sucking lips).
I no know wen my hand begin waka up her “backyard”.
My “tin” jumping for joy.
Ye!..Ye!…omo na igbati o!
Wetin man go do … Haba!